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jadyn | 22:51 Fri 18th Dec 2009 | Technology
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I've seen an offer online for a Beauty & The Beast DVD that is said to be "region-free" and in NTSC format.


I live in the UK and have a standard PAL CRT TV with a bog-standard DVD player. Will I be able to play this DVD? I thought all well known DVD's had to coded for a particular region - region 2 in the UK? A retail copy of this DVD set is around £40 in the UK so I'm also concerned about the reputation of the seller.



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The site is not legitimate. There is no proper business address, and the only contact is via a hotmail email address.
They are not authorised to take Visa or Mastercard, or any other credit card, and so you have to pay by PayPal.
They do not supply a returns address, or any sort of business information, except they are based in Hong Kong.
It doesn't say if it's stereo or not either,so chances are it may be dual-mono! This is usually only written on the disc itself. It will play if your player supports NTSC but don't expect 'special effects' audio. On the other hand ,you could be lucky....the choice is yours!
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Thank you both. Now that it's been pointed out to me, the site certainly does look dodgy. I don't think I'll be joining them as a customer!

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