Creative Zen 16gb 2...............Have I made the right choice?

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lilacben | 12:04 Fri 18th Dec 2009 | Technology
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I was thinking of getting my husband a Ipod but have seen a Zen and bought that instead. But now I am wondering if I have done the right thing. Has anyone got or know anything about these.? Not sure if I should have got the Ipod instead. Any help would be gratefully recieved. Thankyou.


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''Not sure if I should have got the Ipod instead''

What makes you think that?
Ipod is the name of a range of devices, so which one are you trying to compare the zen to?

The Zen is closest to the Ipod nano in the range, which is a MP3 and basic video player only, if all the husband wants to do is play music then they are about comparable and either is not a bad choice.

If you are trying to compare the zen to the iPod touch then they are nothing at all like each other, the touch will play MP3s and videos but it is has a lot more features as well, it's more like a mini computer with internet access, emails and thousands of other "apps" you can get for it.

A friend of mine also has a Zen and, when he compared it to my iPod, he grumbled that he'd bought the Zen and not the iPod .... he wasn't too specific about why but I seem to remember him mentioning the functionality of the Zen, downloading to it and overall ease of use ....

Dunno if this helps or places more doubts in your mind.

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Many thanks for your replies. Yes it was the Nano I think I was comparing it to. I did ask on here the other day about connecting it to the car if I got a Ipod, but now I have bought this one. I saw it in the argos book whilst in a hurry shopping and just bought it without finding out about it first. But as you can see I am wondering if it was the right choice. My husband isnt very good working his mobile phone so how is going to get along with this I wonder.? The shop girl said it was easier to put your own CD's on it because you don't have to download from the computor. this is the newset one Zen X-Fi 2. many thanks again.
I think I remember that you can take stuff back to Argos within 16 days. Take it back & get him the Nano, he'll not be disappointed.
i have two creative Zens for over a year and so far no complains (knock on wood)
great sound. i highly recommend the creative brand.
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Argos told me It cannot be returned as it says not included with the 16 day return. Society can you please tell me if you can play it in the car through your speakers.?

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Creative Zen 16gb 2...............Have I made the right choice?

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