Cannot restore my computer to a restore point?

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1ARMEDBANDIT | 20:13 Tue 15th Dec 2009 | Technology
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I cannot restore my computer to a restore point?... I tried to edit a photograph through a photo editing suite which I always use and it said unable to open image? I then tried to restore the system but It says unable to.
Also when I check my system status and general information it says error? Also when I check my Dell system support "Check Now" icon it says error. Its showing error on the advanced general status of the system. Error Error Error.

I have tried to restore it to various points over the past 3 months but it says unable to each time. I rang Dell computers, they can only help by a complete system restore which will cause me to lose all me files, and there`s a hefty charge.

Anyone know what could be the cause of this? and a possible fix?
I can still use the internet so is the problem anything to worry about?


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Try booting up into safe mode then restoring?
The problem is almost certainly due to your machine being very low on question marks. Try using them only at the ends of questions (you can use a full stop for other sentences). After a few days, the machine will have built up a stock which should be sufficient for normal use (unless you're a quizmaster).

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Cannot restore my computer to a restore point?

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