sky plus box stuck in standby

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Jules001 | 12:48 Fri 27th Nov 2009 | Technology
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Our sky plus box is stuck in standby, we have tried numerous things to get it to work, we tried unplugging it and left it over night, when we plugged it back in we waited 10 mins then pressed power and the sky button on the sky remote, this did not work.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this without it wiping everything on our hard drive and losing the recordings that we have in the planner?

Thanks in advance


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the next thing to do would be a full reset, but this formats the hard drive and you will loss everything on it.

Turn off the power at the wall. Hold down the two side arrow buttons and then put the power back on, keep holding until the green light in the middle starts going round and round like you are playing a recording and then press select. This will format the hard drive and reset the system.
Do what l did when l had problems with the new sky viewing card, phone their customer services and threaten to withhold this/next months payment until the problem is fixed. L eventually had to have a new sky+box and had to reprogramme it,and l lost at least four films, but luckily at the time l had watched all my pre-recorded shows.Give it a go, good luck.
Try replacing batteries in remote.
sometimes I think these machines are to clever for their own good, I am on my 4th HD box in 18 months, 2 were replaced in one day. Thankfully i took out the waranty at the end of the twelve month period but I still lost all my recorded programmes
On the Box itself( not Remote) with power off, Hold backup Button, Switch Power on,Wait for 4 coloured lights to appear.Loose backup button. Wait for message on screen to disappear . This will update software.
Do you not have a Sky protection plan, best £6 a month ever? Had my Sky + box only 7months then it went faulty and they turned up next day, checked it and removed then fitted fitted replacemt. All within 25 mins.
You have to make sure it is Sky Protect you are dealing with, there are a lot of chancers going about.
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all sorted now, we couldn't get anything to work so rang sky. Have got an engineer coming to repair or replace box free of charge

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sky plus box stuck in standby

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