Network Security Key for Compaq Presario

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smurfchops | 20:23 Wed 25th Nov 2009 | Technology
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Can someone help me please? I have just bought a laptop, a Compaq Presario CQ61 327 SA with Windows 7. I am trying to connect to the internet via wireless connection. I already have a desktop with AOL and want to use the laptop in another room.

It is asking me for a Network Security Key and I have no idea what this means. I am not technical at all, can someone please tell me in easy plain English how to find the Network Security Key ? By the way the Network Settings are Set up new connection or network; connect to a network; or Choose home group and sharing. Which do I want ?

Thanks very much. I feel like sending the whole thing back, why can't they make these things easy ?


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I've answered you in Q&P but post the info back here if you want.
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Hi chuck, I have just answered you in Q&P but might be better if you respond here. What I said was, how do I find the details of the Network Router ? Sorry I am not technical at all.
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OK Chuck, I rang AOL in the end, went thru the procedure, found the Code .. and it doesn't work ! On phone for 3/4 hour, the supervisor said he'd ring me back and he hasn't. He said it might be a Windows 7 problem, so I've had enough now. Thanks anyway !

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Network Security Key for Compaq Presario

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