Convert ethernet only modem to wi-fi?

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matt_london | 12:25 Wed 18th Nov 2009 | Technology
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In my office we have a modem which is ethernet cable only. I want to be able to use my iphone on wifi without having to buy a new router. Is there a way I can get a wifi signal out of it somehow , maybe something you can plug into the ethernet socket like a dongle?


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Are you sure it's a modem you have and not a combined modem router? (how many ethernet ports does it have on it?)

Also how do you get the internet into the place, is it ADSL, Cable, leased line?
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When I said modem I actually meant router/modem, sorry. It is ADSL. Just looking on ebay I see you can pick up 2nd hand routers for £10 so will probably be easier to just buy one of these....
I think that will be your best bet, the other option is a wireless access point, but as they will cost about the same as a new wireless router you may as well go for another, 2nd hand, router with wireless so it's kept as simple as possible.

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Convert ethernet only modem to wi-fi?

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