How do you compress video files to send as attachments in emails?

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10ClarionSt | 18:57 Mon 16th Nov 2009 | Technology
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Does anyone know how to do this please? I have a video that I want to send but it keeps coming back as failed, presumably because it's too large for peoples' in-boxes. Any help appreciated. TIA.


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Winzip won't compress most video files as they are already compressed, the only option to make them smaller is to re-encode them at a lower bit rate which will reduce the size and the quality.

A better option might be to setup an account somewhere like you can then upload the video there and simply send an email with the link in it so the recipient can download it
In order to send large video files you have to use an on line file transfer service like Swap it! Encrypt it!. Compressing the file shouldn't matter, and their service is fast so you won't be sitting around "all day".

I found a coupon for 40% off it helps, it's for their pay per use code: Save or was it :savenow .... I can't remember, sorry! Media URL:
Description: File Share | Transfer Files - Send files fast - Send large files

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How do you compress video files to send as attachments in emails?

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