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manutdstott | 20:12 Wed 21st Oct 2009 | Technology
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Hi I have an Acer 250 gig laptop with with 2 partitioned drives, on windows vista home premium, if I ever need to restore to factory settings for whatever reason, All I have to do is press something like left Alt key anf F11 i think then it restores it,
but Im thinking of upgrading to Windows 7, if I do, will this stop me from being able to restore factory settings to original acer windows vista factory settings?
many thanks Jay


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Normally, pressing ALT and F11 does not do anything – what I think you've got is some software that came with your laptop that may reset some software settings.

Before you upgrade to Windows 7 you need to check if the software that “kicks in” when you press ALT and F11 is compatible with this new version of Windows.

My advice to you (being a Windows Vista Home Premium user myself) is to wait a little while until after the launch of Windows 7 to see what problems, if any, people are having running this new version.

Personally, I hate Vista – I think it's vastly inferior to XP. However, it works at the moment and my system does not crash very often. But knowing what previous releases of Windows have been like in the past, I would not rush to install the new one just yet.
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thanks birdie1971, i took the chance anyway, and i'll tell you what my laptop has never run so smooth and fast as with vista which was quite slow even after defrag and deleting a lot of stuff, i have upgrade to 7, kept all my files and programmes, i cant believe how much faster it is, as with any future security issues only time will tell many thanks jay

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question about windows operating systems

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