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sprayer | 10:08 Wed 07th Oct 2009 | Technology
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OK I give up, I am fairly new to computers hence this question, I am trying to type a letter to a company
based in Majorca wiyh regard to equipment hire when I want to insert the sign for euros it is on
the key with the number 4 (lower case) and the dollar sign (upper case) so how do I get it to print the
euro sign ?


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Alt 0128 on number keypad 0128

Yea.... :-)
that didn't work......experts wanted? will try Fn and Alt on number keypad = € that worked......hurrah
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Sorry folks I must be thick, I have tried pressing alt then 4 and nothing happens, could you explain it
in more detail please before I lob this laptop though the nearest window !!!

Hold alt down while typing 0128....when you let go € appears....just like magic.
Look at the bottom of the keyboard. On each side of the long 'space-bar' there is an 'alt' key. It's the one on the right that you need... Alt Ground. Hold it down then press the '4' key.
Press Alt & Fn together while keying in 0128 on the numbers on the right hand keys, under the keys MJK8
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OK thanx for all your help, I just got it by pressing '' Alt Gr '' then 4 and gess what €€€€€€€€
mine works with the left alt, holding it down and typing 0128
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Thank you everyone, Got it now ....
€ - hey that's a good shortcut, thanx
Hold down Alt Gr key at the right of the space bar and press number 4 gives you €
Oh well - a bit late but I did try
Hi, to get the first one to work with number keypad number lock has to be on. Second one is easier though Alt Gr + 4. Always wanted to know how to do this.
€ hey alt gr /4 works . Thats a new bit of knowledge.

I always used CTRL + ALT + 4

didn't know you could use Alt Gr, but there you go

Question Author
And here's me thinking I was the only computer numpty on here when it appears that there's
loads of us, glad to know that I am not alone !!
once again great answers folks ''THANX''
CTRL + ALT + 4 and Alt Gr are identical, hammer: whatever you get with the comb+ a key, you get with Alt Gr + that key. It was a comparative latecomer to the keyboard, presumably for people who had difficulty with thirds on the piano etc.!

What strikes me as odd is that nobody mentions that in Word, which you are probably using, Alt + 4 works just as well, certainly on my keyboard, and I think always has on any version of Word since the € was invented.

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