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angelap | 11:24 Tue 06th Oct 2009 | Technology
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I have not been able to access my Facebook account since Saturday night.

When i go to logon it says:
'Your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance"

It said try again in a few hours, it has been well over 48hrs now so i think i need to contact Facebook.

Does anyone know of the correct email address i should send a comment/complaint to??


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Hi angelap I'm having the exact same problem it's driving me nuts :-( I've emailed FB 15 times but haven't got a reply so it's pointless emailing them I've been adviced to delete all my cache an safari,I've done all that an still can't get on ... I've heard it's happend to loads of ppl .. I don't no what to do next !!! I'm worried I won't be able to get back on again.. Let me no if u have any luck please :-)
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i'll let you know as soon as i hear anything. what email did you contact them via??
ive tried to get onto my account on several (ie LOADS) of different computers, with no luck.
when other people try to get to my account it just says 'not available, try back in a few hours'
I miss Facebook :(
Have u tried [email protected] ? But like I put on CB facebook have put a message up on there HELP page saying they no there's a problem an there trying to sort it .. But when ? I can log on to my brothers account using my comp so am guessing were just the unlucky ones :-( I miss it too !!!! Hope it comes back to us soon feel like so lost without it lol :-)
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yeah mines like that too, ive been on partners account, just because i wanted to play games to feel like im not missing out too much haha.
its strange though because i can view my friends status updates via my blackberry. i think its because it is always logged in and didnt need to have the password re-entered just to look. only thing is i cant comment on any statuses or post my own or play games or do anything fun :(
fingers crossed they will get us back on soon, the last thing i want to do is have to start a new account and add all my mates again :( and we'd lose all the pics etc on our current profiles. bad times!!
Hi how u getting on? I've still had no joy :-( but I'm afraid to say I opened up another account but it's just the same .. I missed it too much ha... I really hope the old 1s come back to us soon :-)

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