Mouse not working

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marje | 18:41 Fri 02nd Oct 2009 | Technology
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Hi, I had my computer reformatted the other day because it was running slow and crashing. I'm running Windows XP. However, when I got it home the mouse wouldn't work. The computer finds it and the arrow is on screen, but it won't work. I've been trying for days, hoping it would suddenly start to work. The man in the shop said it was okay with his mouse and can't understand what could be wrong. My mouse is a usb wireless optical thingy. Any ideas anyone, in one words of one syllable please? I am taking it back to the shop tomorrow but if I could fix it myself, with help from you, that would be great and save me a trip to the shop and having to wait for it to be seen to.


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If it's a wireless mouse then the batteries could need replacing.
Also, if you have had the hard drive reformatted it's possible that the mouse controlling program (on the CD) needs re-installing. Can you try an ordinary plug-in mouse to test the system???
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Thanks for your answer. The mouse is new so that's not the problem. It didn't come with a CD. The only plug-in mouse I've got doesn't work, I must get rid of it! I'll just take it back to the shop and let him look at it again. Thanks once again.
plug it into a different USB port
oh didn't spot wireless!!

there will be a little button on both the mouse and the receiver, press them both once to link the mouse to the receiver.

if that doesn't work try different usb ports
take the mouse lead out of usb port for a minute - turn computer off - put mouse lead in again and then switch back on - you will find it working.
sorry it is 2.30 am - I did not spot wireless either - sorry -

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Mouse not working

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