sky broadband is it any good?

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what..the? | 11:41 Thu 24th Sep 2009 | Technology
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I already have sky tv and I want a cheap broadband package but do not understand what I need. I live in a rural place so the spped will not be good anyway here.

I want to use it just to surf the internet, check emails, watch youtube, maybe some tv via or channel 4.

So I dont know where I stand when the packages on offer state usage? Usage to do what? Is that just for people downloading music and movies. Or is the usage 'just being phyiscally online' so I ma actually using that up?

Sky are offering me;

Sky Broadband base - Great for browsing and email with up to 2Mb download speeds and 2GB monthly usage allowance - and it's free if you take it with Sky Talk (otherwise £5 pm).

Sky Broadband everyday - Great for regular web users with up to 10Mb download speeds (depending on your location) and 10GB monthly usage allowance. It costs just £5 pm with Sky Talk (otherwise £10 pm).

Sky Broadband unlimited - Take our unlimited broadband package with up to 20Mb download speeds (depending on your location) - it costs just £10 a month when you take Sky Talk (otherwise £15 pm).

I'm thinking about the 'base' package for £5 plus a £60 installation charge, but I dont know if that is suitable i.e. I need more usage and/or speed.

I really worry though that the speed in my rural location will be very poor anyway, so it pointless getting a high speed package.

Any help would be great.

I dont know whether to get one of those free laptops with a broadband package with someone else? As I havent really got anything to go online with laptop/pc. I know you pay for the laptop in the end via your potentially higher payments but is it worth it?


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i have the free one that would normally be £5 and it is fine - you should have that one put in and if you think you need more than get it increased - I have found it to be ok - but I live in London - i have sky tv plus extra box - sky talk and sky broadband and my bills have reduced by about £40 minimum per month - BT I think was a bit faster but not enough to make it worth the extra money - I would recommend the minimum tariff you can get away with - my friend got an ACER laptop with her mobile phone its not bad - but the tie in was about 18 months - depends how much you will use it? I use everyday and for work and my package is fine for me - you can buy decent second hand laptops now for £150 so you need to do your sums

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sky broadband is it any good?

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