wireless router part 2

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karenmac60 | 21:04 Mon 31st Aug 2009 | Technology
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Ok, I posted a question last week and got some help, but it descended into a fight between ABers. Can I ask for help again? I had a router and was having problems connecting at all. I have now changed it to a netgear WGR614v6 and I can get online as long as I'm wired. When I unplug the cable I'm being told I'm connected to the wireless network and the signal is excellent but when I open Internet Explorer it says it cannot display the webpage. It also says I appear to be connected to the internet but I may want to reconnect to the internet. I've tried everything I can think of and when I run a diagnostic check it says the default gateway and the dns server numbers have failed. Can someone please help????



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As I said in previous answer
you don't say which operating system(s) are involved - so it's impossible to be specific ...

If you give us the information it's far easier to give step by step instructions.
It sounds like a problem with your wireless encryption i.e. the settings on your pc do not match to those on the router.

Log into your router and check your wireless security settings as to whether you have WEP or WPA-PSK selected, then check your wireless adapter details on your pc and make sure they match.

Hope this helps
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I'll give that a go, thanks

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wireless router part 2

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