Vista Back Up Files

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Fincham | 09:03 Thu 27th Aug 2009 | Technology
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I back up every night onto a 232GB external hard drive using the Vista utility.

The hard drive is now full of the daily back ups. I can see them if I wish to restore them, but cannot see them to delete them.

Any ideas, please?!


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Every day !!!! - I'm impressed !;0

I don't use the prog myself - It's one aspect of MS that I've never sucessfully used
it looks like it backs up revisions as well as the files - so if you mess up - you can restore a previous version - which is why your backup is so big

I use super flexible file synchronizer set to mirror a folder(s) - if I mess up - the file is gone ... but the backup set is exactly the same size as the original - and I can access individual files directly not via restore

Look on the shelves at PC mags and you'll probably find a freebie if you can't thoyle to pay

Unless anyone knows differently all you can do is delete everything and start again ...

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Vista Back Up Files

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