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junglejim75 | 22:11 Fri 07th Aug 2009 | Technology
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will the lens off my film S.L.R. camera fit a digital S.L.R. camera.


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If its the same manufacturer/fitment, then yes.
Canon EOS range was the first to start doing this.
These new top secret cameras are great!
lol c - it's the latest fashion - say nowt

digi camera ccd is smaller than 35mm ... and because it's mounted at a different distance the focal plane is out

this means that if it fits - the focus ring is wrong ... but more important the f stops are out - ok in auto mode ... but difficult if you want manual aperture

the ccd size difference might also cause distortion because the back lens isn't at the right distance.
AC, you are incorrect. The ccd is at the same distance but as it is smaller it only sees the central portion of the image through a 'normal' lens. Some manufacturers ccds are same size as film (e.g. professional Nikon).
I bow to your superior knowledge magic

last thing I saw (which was a long time ago) was that the ccd being mounted on the backplane was ...

Not the pro kit - that's always been the next step from film - just the high end hobby stuff
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digital camera lenses

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