Recording speech files

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andy-hughes | 21:49 Mon 27th Jul 2009 | Technology
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I have bought an Olympus Digital Voice Recorder with the intention of transferring voice files to a CD.

When I transfer the first file onto a CD-RW disc, it transfers fine, but when i try to add additional files, it asks me if i want to wipe the disc as it is not empty.

i thought i could add on to a CD-RW - so what am I doing wrong?

I'm using Nero software, and transferring as a 'Data and Music' disc.

Any help mcu appreciated.


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Music CDs (as of the type you buy in HMV) use a special format, where the individual tracks don't exist as individual files. They form part of a single composite file, which fills the entire disk.

So any music (or 'data & music') disk which you burn will fill all of the available space on the disk. You can wipe a rewriteable disk, and start again, but you can't add files to the disk.

Using the option to create a data disk (rather than a music disk) will permit you to add extra files (as long as you ensure that the relevant option is selected within Nero) but your disk won't be playable in a 'bog standard' CD player. It will, however, be playable on a CD player which supports MP3 files (assuming, of course, that you've used the MP3 format to save your voice files).

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Thanks Chris - most helpful.

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Recording speech files

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