Internet Security : McAfee v Norton

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zippyboss | 02:57 Sat 25th Jul 2009 | Technology
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Having to buy internet/email security. I use Internet, Skype, Instant Message, Online Email & Outlook Email. Have choice between McAfee & Norton (Symantec). Question is:
1/ WHICH? would you recommend;
2/ WHY?;
3/ WHICH? "suite/package"

I understand this could be like living in Glasgow, & asking if you support Celtic or Rangers - otherwords it changes by the years/seasons which is the best. But currently which internet security suite/package of McAfee or Norton shoul I pay for & why?

Thanks in advance for all replies.


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Re: Glasgow (Rangers v Celtic), just to clear the Scottish air: I'm referring to winning the SPL & not changing allegiances season by season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As you've indicated, some responses might be based upon personal allegiances, rather than 'scientific reasoning'.

However there are two security suites which are generally reviled by most contributors to threads like this one. The reason has got nothing to do with personal prejudices; it's because they both have a bad reputation for being 'resource hungry' and slowing PCs down (often dramatically). Those two programs are Norton and McAfee. I certainly wouldn't have either on my PC, even if it was offered free of charge. (Some reviews though do suggest that the latest Norton products aren't anywhere near as bad as the old ones. There are actually a few people who like them, but I suspect that they're still very much in a minority).

The vast majority of people around here use a free Firewall. (Zone Alarm is the most popular but Comodo also has plenty of fans). They then add on a free anti-virus program. (AVG used to be the favourite but some people haven't liked the latest version. That's resulted in lots of people switching to Avast! Avira also has its fans). Then they top up those programs with one or more free anti-spyware programs. (AdAware and SpyBot Search & Destroy are the most popular).

The free stuff should do the job at least as well as (or probably better than) either Norton or McAfee. If you're still not convinced, and insist upon paying for a security suite, Kaspersky is widely praised by some of AB's most knowledgeable contributors.

Virus protection is something none uf us is in a position to talk about from personal knowledge - you need a PC, 100s of live viruses... and some scanners.... when the bloodbath is over ... the winner is the one who killed the most

and I'm reasonably sure no one here has done that

If you want to buy ... and stay (as Buenchico puts it "scientific") all you have to do is read a couple of PC mags - se what they say - they test many packages using exactly the same conditions .... what could be more scientific than that?

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Internet Security : McAfee v Norton

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