OK I've found Willie - but where's Ethel?

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ACtheTROLL | 23:35 Thu 16th Jul 2009 | Technology
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It has been a seriously long time since the old crone has graced the site (as far as I know)

Anyone got any news?

Hope she's not sitting at the big guy's table offering advice on where he went wrong.


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it's been asked a few times AC,

I believe one user on here has posted she has just got bored of the crap on here sometimes and has moved on. I hope that is the case and nothing bad has happened to her.

A loss to the site for any reason though.
I love the title.

Yes, I miss Ethel's presence on here too, you could have a good bit of banter with her when she was in one of her chattier moods and she helped me a few times with my 'puter issues... which are many and ongoing.
nicely put AC that thought had crossed my mind , I don't think any of the [email protected] on here bothered Ethel Chuck.
Agree Chuck, if you are still on ab Ethel, come back ,the morons seem to have moved on,
I pray she isn`t ill, as she has hinted as much in the past and is a senior citizen.
I always thought Ethel was a fella!
You just miss your spell checker no-know :)
Why is this posted in Technology????
Question Author
beKOS that's who I'm talking to .... the tec regs

no respect to the chatterbank contingent - but I didn't want 20,000 inane cracks - in the event only got 1 + yours
apologies for posting here (I am a CB reg)

I have been quite concerned about ethel, she has not updated her twitter either and its unusual for her to stay off here so long, its been much worse than this and she has still come back to post regardless.

Question Author
not what I wanted to hear - but adds to what I suspected

oh well - all good things ....
as chuck says - for whatever reason
Cazzz, I have popped Ethel a note in the post, asking her to let us know that she is okay, as I too am a little worried about her.

Hopefully she will post on here, or get in touch with me off here, to let us know.

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OK I've found Willie - but where's Ethel?

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