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neuron | 22:23 Thu 16th Jul 2009 | Technology
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Could someone please tell me step by step how I can burn off an iso file using Nero 9. The file is a software program. How can I tell if the file should be burnt onto a CD or DVD?

Thank you.


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I'd rather tell you to download this for burning ISO's

Nero can do it and is very good at other things, but it's a pain to burn ISO's with, it's so much easier with..

and just check the size of the ISO, if it's over 700MB then it needs to go on a DVD, less than 700 and a CD is fine.
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Many thanks ChuckFickens - I'll give it a try.
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I'm experiencing problems installing freeisoburner. I've downloaded it from the link and two other sources and each time a message appears that C:\mcdbp.log could not be created or found.
The interface fails to show either of my CD/DVD drives in the list - the drop down menu is empty. If I select "burn" anyway, a message appears stating that no drives are present.
I'm using Vista Home Premium. Could this be the cause?
Is there any alternative freeware out there?

it says
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP/2003/Vista

try my link - no install - just run - see
Mine should work with vista, but if your having problems then AC's is sure to be a good option too (I'll probably check it out myself tomorrow :))
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Thank you both very much. I tried Googling mcdbp.log to see if I could resolve the issue but I got nowhere with it. BurnCDCC worked like a dream. Nevertheless I'm still very grateful for the isoburner suggestion ChuckFickens. It's probably my PC!

Thank you both again.
iso burner is a good prog - never had a problem - but never used it on vista - had already switched to BurnCDCC

I wonder is it UAC admin rights locking c:\ I wonder

you could try the run as administrator option ista_run_as_administrator.htm
Run as Administrator got rid of the 'C:\mcdbp.log could not be created' problem for me.


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