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pete27 | 16:24 Fri 12th Nov 2004 | Technology
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I have a ringtone located on my PC (XP Home) and wonder as to whether I can copy it to my phone (Nokia 3510i). Can anyone help me to do this. Does it require a connecting lead from my PC to phone, as I've noticed there's other input sockets as well as the charging socket.

Be most grateful for any help on this one,

Thanks, Pete


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Does the 3510i have Infra red or is it Bluetooth enabled?  You can transfer data, ringtones etc via infra red from a laptop or a Bluetooth USB dongle(looks very similar to a memory stick) from a PC(that's how I do mine, though I've got a 6600).
AFAIK, the 3510i has no IR or BT. Best you can do is grab a data cable from ebay and d/l phone manager. Alternatively, you could set up your own webserver and host a wap site with links to the files. That may be going a bit too far though :P

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Ringtone Transfer

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