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angel21 | 16:42 Wed 10th Jun 2009 | Technology
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How much browsing time would I get before I reached 1GB?

Gone over my limit on mobile internet already this month as I downloaded google earth - will get charged �15 per 1GB now so was wondering how long I would get surf time for 1GB if I was just on answerbank and not downloading etc.


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1Gb is not a measure of time. Its the amount of stuff you download to your computer. So, if you don't download anything you will never reach your limit.
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Oh right. So I should be ok just going on answerbank etc.
Browsing the internet, including Answerbank, counts towards your download limit.
But you won't download 1GB just visiting answerbank.
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Thats what i thought hc cus you are constantly downloading and uploading while you're surfing not just when you download a specific file.
Listening to the radio over the internet, looking at YouTube videos uses lots of your allowance.
It is wrong to think if you don't download to your hard drive you will never reach your limit.

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1GB convert to time

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