iPod touch at altitude.....??

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philg | 14:42 Thu 04th Jun 2009 | Technology
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Just looking at the tech specs for the iPod touch at, and it says "maximum operating altitude 10,000 feet" - does that mean it doesn't work in a plane?

Seems an odd thing to state if it isn't true

But ....

Has anyone got one and successfully used it at around 30,000 feet????


Phil G


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Planes are pressurised..

so in effect when in a plane at 30,000 feet you are still in an environment that is close to ground level conditions.

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I know - but they are pressurised to around 11,000 feet!!

Still "over 10,000 feet"........
more like to about 6 - 8000ft
A lot of touch screen devices don't work on a commercial airliner, a fact I always seem to forget and start to panic when my touch screen pda won't respond in mid-air, back on the ground and no problem at all.
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Thanks for all the comments, but no-one has actualy answered my question

"Has anyone got one and successfully used it at around 30,000 feet???? "

The reason they say you can't use it above 10,000 feet is to do with cooling. At higher altitudes the air is that much thinner that it no longer cools as effectively as it can at see level so a lot of fairly high powered compact electrical equipment has an upper recommended altitude for operation to prevent overheating.

When on a plane although you are strictly speaking at 30'000 feet you are in a controlled environment that is maintained to be equivalent to about 6-8000feet. so it will work no problem.

Depending on the airline you may have to operate it in "plane mode" to disable to wireless though (and in fact is that not a clue, that they have an plane mode)

So yes, a touch will work in a plane, the same as it would work underwater in a submarine even though they are not waterproof
*sea level
It'll work perfectly fine.

I know several people that have used their iPhone successfully in a plane. No issue.

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iPod touch at altitude.....??

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