Sky Broadband, someone please help me!!

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~Wingnut~ | 15:19 Wed 03rd Jun 2009 | Technology
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Right, we have just subscribed to Sky HD+ package, which includes tv, telephone and broadband. The broadband and phone being the basic parts.
I rang this morning to activate the phoneline and broadband only to be told that there is no available space in our area for the basic broadband but instead of charging us �17 for the connect package they would only charge us �10!! (we're meant to be getting the free one!)
We have been on the phone to Sky for best part of the day being pushed from pillar to post, getting nowhere now everytime we get through to someone we get cut off!! Infact we were being put through to their complaints department, got cut off rang back asked to be put thorugh to complaints dept again only to be told they don't have one! then the line went dead!

On the customer agreement we signed when the girl came round offereing the package it says if the space isn't available then they would offer the next package at �5 a month but they aren't doing this! and when asked they just say they don't offer that service!

I really just don't know what to do next! I have sent an e-mail of complaint 5 hours ago and heard nothing.
Their phone service is hard to navigate to be put through to the correct service but I want this sorted as time is running out for cancelling altogether, which is more hassle I don't need!

Please can someone who has been through this with Sky or can tell me what the best port of call is let me know, I can feel my blood pressure rising!!

Sorry for the rant but thank you to anyone who can help :o)


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Hi Wingnut,

It sounds as if you are going through what you are. After navigating through their telephone system, we eventually got the following address to write to:-

Customer Relations
Sky Subscribers Services Limited
PO Box 43
West Lothian
EH54 7DD

He tried e-mailing but he is still waiting for response. Send letter of complaint by recorded delivery so that you can track it and they can't deny receiving it!
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Hi Fadeout
Thank you for your reply! I'm sorry your going through the same thing as us, it's so frsutrating isn't it? Grrr...

Can I ask did you sign up after someone came to your door offering the telly packs, base broadband & sky talk? with the HD+ box being cheaper to buy than the Sky+ box.

Thank you for address, we shall certainly be sending a letter of complaint.
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See I'm that angry I sent that without checking it first!!!
Sorry about the typos.

hi wingnut,
Know how you feel,do as fadeout says and if calls are costing make claim for these.I left sky due to crap customer care.
I used to ring on sky card number freephone 08000560939 (dont know if thisstill works,look on saynoto0870 if not) and pretend had been misrouted then put through to customer services.At least you can moan at skys expense hopefully,best of luck
Hi Wingnut,

It was in a Shopping Arcade my dad signed up. He was on Virgin and the "dollybird" selling Sky asked him what package he was on with Virgin, he told her she then says "Sky can do that for �35 per month cheaper" so he stupidly signed up. After signing up and getting the Sky paperwork through he discovered it was actually �20 dearer than Virgin. Wrong broadband, wrong telephone package was installed, that was when he tried to phoning them, he was gettnig soooo frustrated I offered to phone, that was when i found out how frustrating it is.
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Hi again all

Thanx for that website jones! I got a freephone number and the bloke was really helpful until I was put through to someone else and he was very arrogant and in no uncertain terms told me tough!
I rang back and have gone with the �10 a month connect (normally �17) I'm going to be writing a letter of complaint and sending it recorded delivery. If we had known that it wasn't actually available in our area we wouldn't have taken the offer up! We've gone from saving about �15 a month to saving maybe a pound or 2 depending on phonecalls we make.

I told hubby I bet it wouldn't be straight forward and that something would go wrong and I was right!!! (don't worry he knows!)

Thanx again for your replies Fadeout & jones :o)

God help the next person that comes to our door with an offer, never again!!
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Hi ZebUK :o)

Thanx for your reply.

I will certainly make sure this isn't an end to it and will be writing to Ofcom and Sky expressing my anger at what has happened.

The thing that got me was they were trying to blame the girl who came round selling the offer but why did they tell her to come around this area when they knew themselves that it wasn't in this area?? and it clearly says on the customer service checklist (which I was told quite rudely is not a contract) that if it wasn't available in the area they would offer the Max at �5 yet they don't seem to believe it says this!

I don't know I could do without all this hassle and should have just stuck with Virgin! sigh.
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Oh blimey ZebUK!! The poor fella!

It kinda reminds me of a couple of years ago when all the council houses on this estate were having new double glazing put in and literally 2mins (I kid you not) after the workman left after doing our house, there was a knock at the door and it was a bloke selling double glazing!! We're tucked down the bottom in a cul-de-sac so he must have passed them as they were pulling away from our house!!

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Sky Broadband, someone please help me!!

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