Is this not the most bizarre concept ever?

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sft42 | 10:53 Wed 10th Nov 2004 | Technology
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Having stumbled across this website on me travels of the web I am gobsmacked that this exists....Does anyone think this is normal? or even a good idea? or maybe better still does anyone have websites with any weirder stuff going on???


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Even by internet standards, that is a seriously weird concept - it won't be easy to beat!

Try - its a demotivator's website.  Its a great antidote to Dale Carnegy.  It has great sayings like "until you spread your wings, you have no idea how far you can walk" but my favourite is "A journey of a thousand miles often ends very very badly"  and has a great picture of a salmon and a bear to prove the point!!

Not quite bizarre but worth a look even if only for the fantastic photos accompanying the sayings!

Am I missing something?  Pictures of people standing still?  What's weird about that?
Just type words such as weird, bizarre,fantastic,amazing,strange etc into your search - there's some mad, crazy ( there's two more!) stuff out there.
have you seen the advert where there are a load of people with alien masks standing in a field and the website (or something like that) and a load of hairy guys in a sauna with as a title.  was I the only idiot that thought those websites were for real!! was I disappointed to find out they weren't.  Fancy a website full of hairy guys!! yuk


Not that weird really...I have seen living mannequins in shop windows before. They don't normally last long because they cause a traffic hazard with people staring as they go by.


I wouldn't say that wierd cos if they are getting paid for it and all you have to do is practise being quiet, standing still and being able to ignore what is going on around you then fair play to them, easy ruddy job that would be apart from maybe sore feet at the end of the day lol. Well would be cool to be made up in body paint as well but hey this is just me i'm goin to shut up now....
I've seen the same thing in the town centre, where someone stands motionless on a perch in an all white attire, with a collection plate beside them, and moves about once every half hour.
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I have seen performance artists on the street doing something like this but the gist of the site is human mannequins........and if anyone thinks this is easy try standing still on one spot for more than 10 minutes.

How did you find it though SFT?   Where have you been anyways, I dont think I have seen you on here in weeks!
I recently happened across a site called something like 'Brutal Woods' which has more pictures of people throwing each other into coarse undergrowth than I could have asked for.

Ali_alic, that reminds me of the big 'motivational' posters a moronic colleague of mine used to have at work. 'INTEGRITY'  and 'COMMITMENT' and such tripe. There is an excellent calendar going around with similar stuff, from the opposite perspective 'TEAMWORK' with the tagline 'so you have someone else to blame when the skkt hits the fan'. etc.

Anyway, my favourite weird site seems to have died, we no longer have, but the idea lives on at

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Is this not the most bizarre concept ever?

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