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elephanto | 23:13 Mon 18th May 2009 | Technology
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I've just bought Scrabble interactive 2007 for my laptop and I am so disappointed because I wanted to compete against my husband not the computer. Does anyone know of a Scrabble game I can download or put on to my notebook that 2 "humans" can play against each other. We have a Scrabble on my palm top but would love to be able to play against each other on notebook.


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Er, am I the only one who thinks that it would be just as easy to buy a traditional Travel Scrabble set? ;-)

Otherwise, invest US$19.99 on this download: ownload/scrabble.htm

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Chris thankyou for taking the time to answer me. My husband and I have gone round the world playing Scrabble on a Palm Tungsten 2. We have filled in long haul flights, delays at airports etc. and we play daily on it. How sad are we?!!!!The beauty of it is though seriously- no spilled tiles, the tiles are selected for you, you can stop and restart, dictionary theres - no squabbles!!!! Scores kept accurately.I am investing in an Asus notebook so I can keep in touch with my sons on skype, emails etc. and keep a journal of our time away. The palm top had a little key board but it went haywire and I lost my last journal of our travels on our last trip. This time we are going on the Trans Mongolian from Moscow to Beijing and I really do not want to lose my travelog this time when we go round the world so hence the investment of notebook. (This will be our last long trip as I have PD although only in my fifties, but I've managed these past 10 years still to travel)Sooooo. if you are still there Chris; to have a Scrabble that I can continue to compete with my hubby with would just be perfect all on note book. So I shall investigate your site recommendation and see if it fits the bill. We're on the 5th series to 10 and hubby winning 6 -5. 10 games give 1 point so I'm one behind at the mo but its all square at the mo. I told you we were sad didn't I. Thanks again Chris Best wishes Elizabeth.
Well, I purchase my game from online sites they have some good reviews for scrabble. They also made arrangement of competing with other champion players too..

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Scrabble help................

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