Dell x200 - Jayne can't find hard drive

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joggerjayne | 19:34 Wed 13th May 2009 | Technology
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Help, anyone ...

Where the fcuk is the hard drive on a Dell x200?

I've replaced on of my x200's today. I want to get the hard drive out so I can cable it up to my new lappy.

But ... I can't find it.

Does anyone know where it is, please?


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I don't understand the question :-(

You want to remove the hard drive? Why?
I nearly didn't answer because of your choice of language.

However, there will a user manual on the hard drive somewhere - try Start - all programs - Dell

That will show you where the hard drive is.

Now that is an odd place for the hard drive!!!
Booo - that link doesn't work.

Where is it?
Good grief! No wonder Jayne couldn't find it.

How bizarre.
Yes, very strange, I've never seen a laptop before that you can't remove the hard drive by simply removing a caddy from the side or via a panel in the bottom!

(though we have some at work that you have to remove the keyboard to get to the RAM... they are a pain too!)
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Okay, okay ...

Ethel ... I apologize for my reference to

French Connection UK

It was borne of an afternoon of frustration.

The lappy in question has died ... ie, the OS won't boot up. Chucky was supremely helpful this morning, but I was still unable to get booted up.

So, I've bought another lappy.

I want to remove the hard drive from the old lappy, and then I can get a "device" to wire it up to the new lappy, and read the data off the old hard drive.

Normally, the hard drive is under a panel on the underside of the computer.

I have removed all the panel, and taken out all the screws, on the underside of the x200, but there is no d=sign of the hard drive.

This is ridicule arse.

Oh, sorry.

Grrrrrrrr !!!!!!

Question Author
Oops ... d= is a typo.
Question Author
Chuck ...

Thank you for the link ... you are so helpful and lovely.

J x x x

A new lappy is a little extreme for the problem you had!!

I would have driven down to Brighton and fixed it for you for less than a new lappy!!
It's a caddy you want, Jayne, to put the old drive in.
OH yeah...

And if you connect the drive to another lappy (I assume with a USB caddy) then you can just copy the missing/damaged file from the working lappy to the right place on the hard drive, put the drive back in the old computer and it should work again.
Question Author
A caddy?

Not heard of that, Ethel.

Is that a term that would mean something computer shop people?

Chuck ... I would have bought you lunch.
-- answer removed --
Caddy is the proper word for it - like tea caddy, but not for tea.
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Thanks, Ethel.

Ooh, Yaaaayyyyy !!!

I've found it.

You guys are just so fab.

Thank you.

Gotta go ... computer shop is open until 8.00. Might be in time to get a ...

... "caddy"?

Thanks again, everyone.

J x x x
and I've not been round the lanes for years now, would be a nice day out :)

if the drive looks like this pg

ask for a 2.5inch SATA usb caddy

if it looks like this g

ask for a 2.5inch IDE usb caddy

or ask if they have one that does both.
Question Author
I'm back.

It worked.

I'm sorted.

My data is saved.

You guys are brilliant ... thank you, thank you, thank you.

J x x x x x x x

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Dell x200 - Jayne can't find hard drive

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