What is best emails via web mail or mail via mail in Vista.

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davidk65 | 08:32 Sat 09th May 2009 | Technology
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I receive a lot of email with jpeg attachments which I save to my hard drive.
I have been told that unless you clear out such items over time they will use up a lot of disc space. In such a situation it would be better to use web mail, presumable something like MS hotmail or yahoo mail which, so I am told, is better as the emails with jpeg attachments and the like are not saved to your disc.
Is this correct?


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jpegs are not particularly large in themselves, but if you have a few hundred jpegs it could take up many MEGABYTES of disk space.

However many hard disks are now GIGABYTES in size, so even if you had a few hundred megabytes of jpegs on your hard disk it would still leave plenty of free space.

It is difficult to give an exact answer unless we know the size of your hard disk and the number (and size) of all the jpegs on your disk, but I doubt if it is causing your disk to fill up.

And if you are concerned why not copy the jpegs to a CD or DVD disc and delete them from your hard disk, freeing up some space.
All mail including images and attachments will stay in the mail folder in the directory until you delete it. You can directly save any image you get in your mail. If it doesn't come in as an attachment, just rightclick on the image and save it that way.

Webmails have limits for storage. You can open various webmail accounts and store them on there but that means trawling through various websited to find one photo you're looking for. There are also free photo storage sites on the Net, but again it is a matter of looking for the one you want that may present a problem.

Your hard drive can hold heaps of images, depending on the size. External Hard drives are cheap now and even a 1TB one is quite affordable.

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What is best emails via web mail or mail via mail in Vista.

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