filling out a pdf to send

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booboo67 | 21:52 Tue 21st Apr 2009 | Technology
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i've had to fill in a timesheet sent to me by an agency i'm working for. they have sent me the time sheet in word pad, but every time i fill it in i can only save it as rtf which i know is the default. they have since sent me a pdf of the time sheet, but i cant type into it. is there any advice on what i should do


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do you have a pdf writer? get one here .asp
(there are others, google "pdf" writer)
then if you type your timesheet in wordpad, you can "print" it to pdf (pdf being a printer option, rather than a save option).
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thanks for that i will give it a go..... its just done my head in trying to wrok out how to get them to open it!
everyone travels to the office on a sunday to put it thro the door!! lol
If they send you a .doc file then they can open a .rtf file with the same software.

Is there any reason whay they won't accept rtf? It's a perfectly good format for low complexity documents.
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tks for the answer..... my thoughts exactly about why they wont accept rtf...... but hey ho, they say its cos when its printed it comes out on 4 sheets! i think thats more their problem than mine but i dont want them to ignore my timesheet
tks again
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filling out a pdf to send

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