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Ethel | 16:51 Fri 10th Apr 2009 | Technology
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Is there a free and effective ad blocker for Google Chrome? I like it but I can't stand the adverts.


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Wish you would stick to one thread!! lol
hey ... the tenerife ninja returns ... where abouts in t do you stay?

how about a slightly techier option - use a customised hosts file to block ads

details here

an easy way to manage and update is to use

if you can be bothered using chrome ... this will be a breeze
My suggestion would be privoxy too.

It'll work with any browser, and is very customisable.
going to have to read .... privoxy is a good option too
I only saw the adblock bit (sorry chuck)

liked the
"I went to the caves when they first opened" .... If I remember correctly they "opened up" about 2,000,000 years ago ? lol

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Google chrome - ad blocker

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