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bigbanana | 15:52 Tue 17th Feb 2009 | Technology
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I've got a Yamaha Grand Piano that has been pre-programmed with loads of music. I've also got a backup CD that contains all the installed music plus a lot more.

The files on the CD are in .MID format (N.B. NOT .MIDI). A search on the net points to these being something called musical instrument digital interface files.
I want to burn one of these files onto a CD and it seems I need to convert the .MID to .CDA format. I can't find a way to do this.

My version of Nero says it needs some sort of plug-in to burn the file but warns it may not work then. Windows Media says the files are right protected and won't burn it. I tried burning the file as a data disc in Windows Media Player but it won't play on the CD player. Clone CD Also refuses to burn it as it's right protected and not in a format it understands. the only software I'm left with is Media Monkey which has converted the .MID file to .WAV but it chops off the last couple of notes during burning.

Is there anything else I can try please. I'm desperate as my daughter needs the the music as an audio backing track when she plays the violin at a wedding.

Many Thanks.


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.mid and .midi are the same thing. They are midi files. As you say this stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. They do not contain audio, but instructions to a midi device (such as piano, or a synthiser) on how to play a tune. They are the modern equivalent of the rolls used in a player piano. (if you check the sizes, you will find that they are tiny in comparison to an audio file - even a compressed one such as an mp3).

To convert them to audio, you will need to play them back using a midi device (most computer soundcards include midi capabilities) and record the resultant output. If you do this on a computer, they won't necessarily sound exactly as they did when played on your piano, in the same way that a player piano roll will sound differently depending on the piano on which it is played.

I convert midis to audio using a piece of software called MidiMaestro. This has a facility called "Wavemaker" which allows you to play the midi file and simultaneously re-record the output as an audio file.
Of course, an alternative is to run a lead from the Aux out of your piano to the line in of your computer and user the Windows Sound Recorder (or another program such as Audacity [ ] to record them.

This way they will sound exactly as they do when played normally on your piano.
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Thanks rojash - now I understand. I was dismayed to see that you have to pay for Midimaestro. The cost is expensive given that I only want to use it for one music track. You don't know of any freeware out there to do the job by any chance?

Download the trial version which (I think) runs for 30 days.
That should give you plenty of time to convert your music track!
Uninstall it when the licence expires.
Just realised that there is a limitation on the length of audio files in the trial version

If you e-mail me the midi file, I'll see if I can convert it for you.

The following is a one-use e-mail address which will be removed in 3 days:

rojash at

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Thanks rojash. I very much appreciate your help. The .MID file has been emailed to you.

Thanks again.
Hi bigbanana

I've replied to your e-mail. If you are using a spam filter, don't forget to add my address to your white list.
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Hi rojash

Many thanks - I did pick up the four files. Apologies for not replying immediately, but my daughter insisted I burn them off as soon as I received them.

The first file you attached was exactly what she wanted and we're very grateful for your help.

Lauren has spent the day perfecting her playing with the file as her backing track - by now I feel i know the notes off by heart!

Thank you very much again for your help. I've also sent you an email.


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Burning.MID files to CD

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