Transferring photos from old mobile hone to new phone or computer

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sam182 | 14:30 Sat 14th Feb 2009 | Technology
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Just bought a new mobile, Samsung J700, but found out my photos taken on my old phone, Samsung E300 can't be transferred to my new phone, as these are saved into the phone and not on the SIM card. Does anyone know how to put the photos onto my new phone or is there a way of transferring onto a PC to print out?


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Get a spare sim (either buy one for a couple of quid or google for free sim and get one free) and then send from old phone to new phone using bluetooth.

or get the USB data cable for the E300 and then you can copy them to a computer tware-Driver/dp/B000H6SVCQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8& s=electronics&qid=1234618811&sr=8-1

Your E300 has infrared - does your pc have that? If so, it is quick and easy to transfer photos
does your old phone have bluetooth? if so, get a bluetooth usb adapter for your pc (unless your computer already has bluetooth inbuilt) and send them to your pc then to print or storage.
It doesn't have bluetooth

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Transferring photos from old mobile hone to new phone or computer

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