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RAYMAN | 19:52 Tue 10th Feb 2009 | Technology
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Why does my bbc iplayer keep freezing.all I get is a circle of dots going round round or starting & stopping?


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It is not downloading fast enough, so are watching faster than it it is streaming to your pc.

This could be because your internet is slow or their server is busy.

Leave it for a few minutes before you press 'play' - hopefully it will keep ahead of itself that way

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Thanks Ethel this problem has been with me for days, I,ve tried various options and I,ve not much hair left now but I,ll try your suggestion,If you don,t here from me I,m afraid it didn,t work.

Are you watching it with the download manager? That seems to give better results.
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Hi Wilmay, Just tried that but all I get is a blank screen with the dots just going around.Thanks for your help.

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