Digital Copy DVD Serial Number, Can I Bypass?

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maggiemcgill | 18:34 Sun 08th Feb 2009 | Technology
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Hi All, I bought a second hand Digital Copy DVD to play in my computer, when loaded I am asked for a serial number, which after imputing states that the DVD is already licensed, is there a way to bypass this and watch the DVD? 20th Century Fox (if that makes a difference?)


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As far as I can see from the Fox site the disc can only be registered to ONE PC so unless someone has devised a crack I dont think you will be able to play it.
As pauln90 says, it looks as if the DVD has been registered over the Internet already! More DRM!!! Hadn't heard of this until you posted, maggie.

If you Google Digital Copy DVD, you get some intersting stuf (haven't looked for 'cracks' yet).

These links ar good:- ersonaltech/04askk-001.html /digitalcopy.html

I particularly like the comment:-

"This provides a legal alternative for getting movies on portable players without the use of third-party software to convert the video file directly from a DVD" (Using the likes of Handbrake - PC and Mac).

Might actually be a good idea?
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Thanks for the info guys, I thought it was a long shot, I did'nt even know that it was a digital copy DVD until I got home but hey you live and learn...Thanks again!!!

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Digital Copy DVD Serial Number, Can I Bypass?

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