How do you download YouTube videos

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wideboy | 12:25 Wed 28th Jan 2009 | Technology
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This has probably been asked several times and most people (including myself) have downloaded programs to do this with varying success. I've just come across this method which doesn't involve installing any software and gives you different formats for saving:-

(Courtesy of

Whenever you are watching YouTube videos you probably come across some that you would like to save to your hard drive. While there are software titles and browser plugins which will do this for you, the abosolute easiest way I have found is by using KickYouTube.
KickYouTube requires no software installation or registration of any kind and the usage could not be easier. There is a walkthrough on their main page, but basically all you do is this:
1. Go to the video you want to download on YouTube's site.
2. Change the URL at the top by adding "kick" in front of For example becomes
3. You will be taken to KickYouTube's site.
4. Select your download format from the top bar and click download.
5. That's it.

Again, there is no software required or account to create so enjoy!


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You can also use Audials software. Very reliable and stable. You can download, convert, watch and burn all files from youtube. Some guiding tutorials are here also:
You can stream, record and download not only YouTube but also sites like hulu, msn, other websites with flash videos so that the quality remains the same. There are many downloader tools that can record flash videos. Freeware is great when you don´t want to invest that much in something like this, is also limited in functions. Software that costs something, usually between 15-40 bucks, has other features also included like converting to all kinds of formats like 3gp for mobile phones of mp4, wmv, avi, etc. Some of them convert video to audio (to mp3 for instance) if you only need the audio part. Also other features that might be included in software like this are ripping internet radio stations and saving as MP3 music files, burning cd/dvds, transferring to mobile devices like iPod, MP3, cell phones, etc. If you want nothing more than to simply download youtube videos, freeware would be enough I think but if you want more, I would recommend searching for a software to buy. Good luck :)
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Here’s a tutorial:
You should try the following plugin for YouTube. Its work for all browsers:

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How do you download YouTube videos

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