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evedawn | 19:23 Sun 25th Jan 2009 | Technology
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my hub bought an iphone. when he wanted to forward an sms/text msg he was told (by carphone warehouse saleman) that it's not poss to do this on the iphone as it is "more of a computer than a mobile phone". if he wants to forward sms's he will first need to download another application. is this true? if so do you know a shortcut or what this application is?


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i havnt found the application yet, there are literally hunders to scroll though on the apps pages.

The iphone isnt much of a phone at all really. Im quite disappointed with mine.
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ok ta red. yup the "phone" side of it isn't great but he does like the fact that it is basically a pocket sized laptop.
It's a brilliant phone.

It just happens that it's designed in America, for the American market, not the European one. And in America they don't text anywhere near as much as we do.

To my knowledge there's no way of doing it.
Downloads iSMS from the apps store via your phone. It costs 59p.

More info:

The iSMS in the link and the one on the Apps Store are not the same product. The one in the apps store will not forward text messages.
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thanks fo3nix. and gromit I will pass along that possiility of iSMS to my hub. sure he'll give it a try

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iphone - forward an sms/text msg

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