am i blocked?

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dtr123 | 18:00 Sat 24th Jan 2009 | Technology
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probably a stupid question this but here we go. If i send an email to someone who has blocked me i take it the email will bounce. If it doesn't bounce can i assume that i havn't been blocked? I use Gmail .



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makes no difference what you use, it depends on how the recipients mail provider deals with blocking, it can either accept the mail but instantly delete it or bounce it, I would imagine most major mail providers will just delete a blocked mail without informing the sender.
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cheers chap, bit rubish that really. at least they could tell me i was blocked ha ha.
Not many people bounce e-mails nowadays because fake bounces are a favourite spam delivery method.
I block and bounce back when the sender is an individual who has ignored previous requests not to contact me, and auto delete everything else.
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thanks. dont know what she uses or if she has auto delete or not. But hey, guess it doesnt really matter.

Will just have to assume she is ignoring me or gets deleted automatically.


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am i blocked?

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