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bianca43 | 12:37 Mon 19th Jan 2009 | Technology
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I have fitted a 1000w SOFT START INVERTER in my motorhome but I cannot run my 10w tv from it. All I get is a ticking noise from inverter. It will run 700w kettle thiugh. If there is anybody out there who can explain why this is I would be most grateful. Thank you


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Solid state inverters produce a pseudo sine wave output � some are better than others. Observed on an oscilloscope, the sine wave output appears to be formed by a series of square waves, mimicking the sine wave. It may well be that your TV power supply cannot cope with this pseudo sine wave.

Try first loading the output (with the kettle), then try powering the TV � the additional load may �correct� the inverter output sufficiently to operate the TV.
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thank you Hymie I'll try that
Modern sine wave inverters provide a better waveform than the main power.

This is simply a case of the inverter being set to detect loads that are larger than the TV. They send out a pulse to detect any load and then swich on if a sufficiently large lead is detected. It saves power by turning off the inverter when nothing is connected.

Run a small lightbulb to keep the inverter running.

Some inverters have software adjustable settings for this feature.

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