How do i set up a second email address to use with Outlook express ?

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andy15star | 11:11 Mon 19th Jan 2009 | Technology
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Hello, just wondering how to set up another email account for my dad to use. I want a proper email address (rather than yahoo etc). I am with Orange Broadband and i have my own Orange email address but i want to be able to give my dad a unique Orange email address and for him to be able to pull in his emails through Outlook Express.

We have different computers, but running off the same wireless broadband router.

I know all the POP3 settings i need etc, but i just need to know how i can get him allocated the actual email address itself. Once he has been allocated an email address i can do the rest in Outlook Express.

I'm fairly novice, so please can anyone help me ?

Best Regards,


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How many email address does Orange give you?
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Hi Ethel, Orange give you quite a few, i think it's about 15. I have one main email address (which has been with me since Orange were Freeserve back in the 90s!). I vaguely remeber a few years ago i was in the same situation and i'm sure i had to sign up for dial up (but not use the actual dial up) and that gave me an Orange email address. Cannot for the life of me remember how i did it now though !

Have googled the Orange website, but cannot see anything there either.

Best Regards,
Well can't you simply give one of those 15 to your father?

Or am I missing the point?

I'm with Virgin and I have 4 unique Virgin addresses, each with 5 'aliases'. Those 5 aliases go into the mailbox of it's 'parent' so in essence I have 4 totally separate email addresses.
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Ah, no. You see they ALLOW you 15, i only have 1 (my original one they gave me years ago). I'm not sure how to set up any of the other 14 i'm allowed. I would only want to set up one more though.

Best Regards,
Orange's multiple email addresses work by their server regarding addresses like [email protected] and [email protected] as being the same.

You then download the whole lot, collectively, from their server, with Outlook Express (or any other email client) applying rules to send them to separate folders on your PC.

In that example '15star' would be your username. You can't changed that bit. So, if your username is actually 'andysmith', your personal email account could be [email protected], with your dad's account being something like [email protected] (i.e. your father's email address would still have to show your username).

If you still want to go ahead with setting up a new email address for your dad (even though it must show your own username) the instructions start here: t.InstraServlet?Command=com.instranet.CmdDocDi sp&DocId=234615&link=1&SecMode=1&TargetLanguag e=selfservice&IsLanding=true&CurrentProduct=20 99&TaxFilterName1=TaxFilterCommunity10&Results Page=1&SendCustomer=false&DocumentTitle=how%20 do%20I%20change%20my%20username%20or%20email%2 0address?&Search=false&OldTaxId10=10&Filt

It would be far simpler to get a 'proper' email address (i.e. one which can be accessed via an email client, such as Outlook Express, as well as via the web) from an another source. I use Gawab to provide me with loads of such email addresses, totally free of charge and with no advertising. Instructions for using their services are in paragraphs 3, et seq, of my post here: rnet/Question407429.html

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Cheers all ! - i'll give Gaweb a go then.

All the best,

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How do i set up a second email address to use with Outlook express ?

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