Hotmail account being hijacked

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Metjam | 17:47 Mon 13th Oct 2008 | Technology
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Now and again, everyone in my hotmail account gets an email from me with details of some great supermarket deals in china - what the **** is going on and how do I stop it?


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Close the account and open another new one.
Change your password first. if that doesn't work then close the account and create another is the safest way to do it.

What is on special offerl in china at the moment?
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Hi Metjam

I had exactly the same Problem. I had about 50 sent emails in my hotmail account about this shop in china and 50 was in one day.

all I did instead of opening a new account was just to ignore it and now it as stopped. hopefully for good.
fabemmy - was your hotmail account spamming everyone in your contacts list too?
what's with the "?" Ethel, I'd have thought someone of your age would still have some standards left. It would have been perfectly possible to ask the same question without the expletive would it not?
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camioneur - I do apologise.

Now stop being such a **** an answer my question.

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Hotmail account being hijacked

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