Unlock code for 3 (Amoi) Skype WP-S1 mobile phone

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PhilB47 | 11:47 Wed 10th Sep 2008 | Technology
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Does anyone know the unlock code for my mobile phone as my old Orange pay as you go mobile died with a few pounds credit and I'd like to use it on my new mobile.

It's a 3 skype (Amoi) WP-S1.

Thanks for any replys.


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##### HOW TO UNLOCK WP-S1 Skypephone ####

I`ve just unlocked my wp-s1 that was locked on UK THREE.
Sure you guys are gonna love this.

Website Reference:

#Download Latest Client for wp-s1
#Install Software
#Plug your mobile to computer with normal usb cable
#Click READ INFO to check there`s communication

Now, you need to buy 1 credit=20 euros.
To do this go to,
and click on BUY NOW on the right frame. Select
appropriate option for WP-S1 You have to use PAYPAL.

Once you`ve made the payment, retain the transaction number.

Now, open the software again, the Kulakendi Clienti v.1.21 previously installed.
Type in:
-your paypal email address
-paypal transaction number
-amount paid - 20 (amount in euros always)

The client is going to connect to server and will send you by email your login and pwd.

Once you`ve received it, go back to the client software and type in your login username and pwd.

Click on "check your account".

Now select the "unlock phone" box on the client.
Now Click "execute".

### Additional Information: ####
Trust this people, they wont rip you off
At times there may a slight problem in connecting to the server (dont give-up or try later)
Make sure you use the latest client version available.

For any additional help, contact me at

ps. I`m a consumer as you - I dont work for anyone.
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Unlock code for 3 (Amoi) Skype WP-S1 mobile phone

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