does windows automatically reinstall hardware at start up?

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VikkiM | 23:46 Tue 19th Aug 2008 | Technology
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im having a problem with my cd drive (d). it won't read any cds, audio or blank. i looked for help unline, and i found something saying you could safely uninstall and reinstall your drive by rebooting your computer in safe mode and uninstalling from control panel. if i do this then reboot in regular mode, will windows automatically reinstall the drive?


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I would expect the method to work perfectly well. However I'd be surprised if it fixed your problem. It's almost certainly time to buy a new drive. (They're not expensive and they're incredibly easy to fit).

If you go into your control panel, click on system then click on the Hardware tab and then on Device Manager does the cd drive have a '?' next to it??
just a thought , but when was the last time you used it ? only needs a bit of dirt/dust to stop it working..we have 6 PCs on site and due to the dusty enviroment and the fact the CDs dont get used to often none of the CD drives work..i use an external cd/dvd drive when required, but i know a good clean/blow out would solve the problem

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does windows automatically reinstall hardware at start up?

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