Canon 450d (lenses)

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fistralboy | 21:14 Mon 18th Aug 2008 | Technology
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I have a Canon EOS 300 SLR (film) and am looking to buy a Canon 450D SLR (digital).

Does anyone know whether the Canon lenses from the film SLR would be compatible with the digital camera? Lenses are so expensive it would be pretty useful if i could mix and match rather than shelling out on a load of completely new lenses. Any advice appreciated.


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You can use them (in that they fit) but there are problems. Because the electronic pixel array of the digital camera occupies less area than the old 35mm film, it has the impact of changing the effective focal length of the lens. It multiplies it by about 1.6, so a 35-70mm old lens looks like a 56mm-112mm when put on the digital body. Not only that, but the max. f values of the old lens have changed because less light from the old lens is actually falling on the image sensor. So in dark conditions or for fast photography you are losing capability.
I went through the same process and in the end scrapped the old Canon lens and bought a Sigma.
Take the old lens down to Jessops and give it a try - it might work for you.
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Thanks very much for taking the time to reply. Helps a lot, thank you. I'll probably just buy a twin bundle kit now rather than just body only. Thanks

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Canon 450d (lenses)

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