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Im a BusyBee | 11:35 Wed 13th Aug 2008 | Technology
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After reading the features of the Humax PVR 9300T in answer to another question on here i think i would like to buy one. However when i looked in my argos book there are many variations of digiboxs now adays, some needing to be installed with a dish and some not. Can someone please explain the different types of these available in order for me decide whats best for me please? i dont want to pay a monthly subscription or anything more than initial outlay. thanks so much


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I think the confusion arises from the new free digital tv service - Freesat.

This is part funded by the BBC and requires a satellite and special digibox. The old digiboxes are not compatible.

You have choices:
1. Digital tv Freeview, with a digital PVR
2. Digital tv Freesat, with a dish and Freesat PVR

The main difference between the two, as far as I am aware, is free HIgh Definition (HD) channels will only be available with Freesat, and you will of course need a HD tv.

Neither has subscription.

Whatever you decide, make sure your PVR has a large hard drive and a minimum of two tuners.
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thanks for that ethel. the one im looking at has twin tuners and 320gb hard drive. If i go for this one i assume i will still get free digital channels when it all goes digital? (think it must work like this as this is a new model just out). what are high definition channels as opposed to digital channels? sorry to be so thick!
High definition is simply a 'better quality' picture - you see more definition than standard digital television. At the moment, very few programmes are broadcast in HD and you do need a HD television.

Essential question - are you living in a Freeview area - can you get any freeview channels at all? If not, a PVR will be of little use as they don't have old style analogue tuners (normally)
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thanks for sharing your knowledge, we do have a 'normal' freebox that works ok here so i guess it would work?
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ive just gone onto the freeview site and it says we cant (at our postcode) receive freeview channels until digital switch over in 2011 - how does our freeview box work at the moment then?? although your advice has helped me i do feel slightly confused!!
You've got to laugh. My guess is your aerial is pointing to a different transmitter.

In that case the 320g twin tuner PVR will be fine and dandy for you. :)

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