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Anthony Cole | 21:53 Mon 28th Jul 2008 | Technology
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When using a Photoshop software package (for picture editing) the PC speeds up (similar to downloading) but since i finished using the programme, the PC is still making the noise, it is like the fan is working overtime, any ideas?

Thanks in advance


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Is normal for the fan speed to increase to keep the system cool when it has more work to do. It doesn't cool down immediately so the fans stay at the increased speed until the system cools down again.

If the fans are staying on longer than usual then take it apart and get all the dust and fluff out of it.
It's probably been using a lot of swap disk, and it may well still be sorting itself out.

Windows isn't known for having great memory management. Best thing to do is restart once you've been doing some heavy lifting with the PC.
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Many thanks for the answers! But it is not the fan, it is the PC itself. Is was just described like the noise the fan makes when working hard! It is like i am permanently downloading with the hard drive working overtime. It has been like this for some 5 or 6 days, although I am only using the PC for the internet.
What's making the noise, the hard drive?

If so, perhaps it's used a ton of swap space, and is still sorting itself out.

Restarting should make it fine again.

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