SKY+ Box emergency help!

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Wotsits31 | 17:00 Mon 07th Jul 2008 | Technology
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During the crappy rain last week, I kept getting "no signal is being received" flash up on the screen and it kept getting stuck / no picture etc... technical faults on this channel. It did it about 10 times and every time I called SKY, they just told me to unplug, wait a minute, plug back in, wait 30 secs and press SKY and all would be ok. This worked fine (if rather annoying) until Saturday nights downpour, I did the unplug bit and now the box won't come out of standby. Phoned SKY again who told me turn the box off - hold the backup key on the box until 3 lights came on (red, yellow and green) - I then had to wait 10 mins till these lights went off and STILL my box remains in standby.

Phoned them back and they said all they could do is send an engineer (at a cost of �75) and that I probably need a new box (another �100). Has anyone had this problem before - if so how did you solve it without spending a ton of money and having to take a day off work to wait for a sodding engineer......???

Any help would be much appreciated.


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i did and it was a fault with the sky + box i rang sky and told them that if i had to pay that much i would leave and they replaced the box for free and charged nothing for the enginier. dont know if that will work for you but worth a go. hope this helps

you shouldnt b charged for an engineer, its not your fault, u didnt break it etc. they should conpensate you for havin no service n ur payin for it. debate with them!! (trust me it works)

Did theY ask you to check your SCART n rf leads at the bk of the box? DOUBBLE IF ITS NOT LOOSE.
take the batteries out of the remot n put it bk in.
ermm yeh unplug for 30secs n replug

WHILST u were speakin to them, did they send a signal down to your box to reset it???

i hope it helps, i worked for a cable company b4 and does the same checks.

hope it helps.xx
you have to exscuse my poor grammer, i dont know what happened. ignore the block capitals too, :) dont let them make u pay!
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Thanks very much for your suggestions J'Adore (cool username by the way!).
I did all that myself - even went out in pouring rain to get new batteries for remote.

I just digged out the box and stuff and I only bought it in August last yr so surely it should be covered by some sort of warranty?????

I'm gonna stand strong on this one, claim I have no cash to pay or ........ !!!!

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SKY+ Box emergency help!

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