Deleting IE7 History

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minesapint | 13:08 Mon 30th Jun 2008 | Technology
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I've got a new laptop with Vista and IE7 installed. Although I'm familiar with deleting the history list of web sites visited, I understand that a permanent record of such sites is kept in something called an index.dat file. Is this correct? How do I go about deleting the contents of that file and where is it located on the PC?

Is this the only place that records are kept of web sites visited? Incidentally, I've not been looking at anything naughty, it's just that I need to lend the laptop to a work colleague who's pretty computer savvy and nosey with it! I really don't want her to find out the sites I've used to complete a recent project at work.



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Oh flip - I've just seen you have Vista. Not sure if that info is any use to you
She tells you at the end how to do it - pen and paper necessary, but it is easy
Isn't the easiest thing to do to set them up as a guest profile? That way you won't need to delete anything.

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Deleting IE7 History

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