Philips Media Manager won't run.

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Sonyme | 12:43 Sat 21st Jun 2008 | Technology
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I recently had to replace my computer and have managed to successfully install most of the old applications. I had Philips Media Manager installed on the old macheine - this is a programme that accesses music in Windows Media Player Library and wirelessly streams them to my Hi Fi set up downstairs (the computer is upstairs)
I transferred more than 800 music tracks to USB memory sticks. When I insert one of these memory sticks Windows asks me what I want to do, but when I click import it loads Roxio (pre installed) which then tells me I have no files to import. When I load Philips it also tells me I have no files to access.. I have ripped a cd to Windows media library to see oif Philips will access that- (which is the normal method) but again it tells me there are no files.
I thought this might be a fitrewall problem but when I went add philips to list of exceptions Ii told me that this progrem was already in list of esceptions.
The OS on botholfd and new computers is Windows XP Service pack2.
I've now run out of ideas - Anyone got any suggestions.
(Incidentally I also have ITones which also refuses ta acces the music on memory stick or in Media library


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Philips Media Manager won't run.

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