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I have a philips MP3 player. Though very good, the sound is very low. Creative are renound for their excellent MP3 players.

I would go with the 2nd one.
this has had a few good reviews
Chum got one ... deaf as a post - says it's quite loud pl?origin=gbase9.2&prodID=B72098

but of the two you are asking about I'd go for the zen
they always get good writeups ...
shame it's half the storage though
Question Author
Thank You spaced and AC for replying you have been very helpful. AC, I would want to buy it locally as if it goes wrong like my last one I would be able to bring it back to the shop.
I know the second one is less memory but it takes a memory card for extra space.Spaced are the Philips ones easy to use ?
And when you say they are low is that through the headphones
or an external speaker. Is it an acceptable head phone volume
as I do not like my music very loud?
thank you both again. :-D
didn't spot the extra slot

DEFINATELY the zen then

prices are very tight ... you can do better on the net .... but then you have postage ... so Argos would be my choice (unless someone else is having a bigger sale)
Question Author
Thanks Again AC.:-D

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