Receiving picture messages {photos} on Vodafone.

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ChirpyKez | 18:12 Thu 05th Jun 2008 | Technology
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Hiya. When someone sends me a picture message rather than it just appear on my phone I have to go to the Vodafone website and go to 'get my photo' and enter a password - all very fathy?? Surely I can somehow by-pass that and just open the picture up as a normal message? Do I need special settings or something? I have an N95 if it's relevant. Thanks!


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thats not normally a setting on your phone, it's a setting on your account, contact vodafone and get picture messaging enabled.
Hi, Is it a new phone? If so you need the MMS settings. First of all try sending yourself a picture message, this sometimes kickstarts it.
If this doesn't work go to the Nokia website and find support and usually there is something there for sending settings to yourself.
If you need more help just post again.
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Thanks for your answers....I can't see anything on the Nokia website though. I was trying to avoid ringing Vodafone as I can't be bothered with the 20 options they give you and all the security questions! I thought there might have been a simple thing I could do. It is a new phone yes - well I've had it about 6 weeks.
Go to:
Click on Get support & Software tab
Put in your phone ie N95
On the bottom of this page is an option Get settings.

Hope this helps.

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Receiving picture messages {photos} on Vodafone.

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