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Penny | 15:26 Thu 29th May 2008 | Technology
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every time I look through the photos in my gallery, whenever I go to the next image, an error message always comes up.
it says:

memory full. close some applications and try again.

I have no applications open though. after a few times of cancelling the message and scrolling through the pictures, it stays up and won't let me go to the other images.

why does it do this and how can i sort it?

oh, and btw..the memory's not even half full!

thank you :)


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Hi my bf has this phone, I used it a few times and it baffles me!

Its funny about how you close things when you've used them, eg message box, camera, any application really. If you simply press the cancel button or the red button to exit the application, the phone keeps them running in the background and will say you have too many applications running! To get round this you need to make use of the exit option from the menus in the applications instead of taking the quick route pressing the red/cancel button!

Hope that makes sense!

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yeh i know about this, and i know i don't have any other applications open as i always hold the menu button down to check.

still does it though, when i don't have anything else open. it's annoying!

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